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We are a quality practice accrediated

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11:00 AM

This month we've passed our accreditation. We have been assessed against the RACGP 5th Standards which covers all aspects of clinical and adminstration work in a general practice.

Surveryors had commended our efforts, here are some of their comments about HMC

Surveyor 1

This is a very well presented practice in the outer suburbs of Melbourne which has been providing comprehensive general practice care to their local community for decades. The practice team worked very well together and were knowledgeable in their field of work. Considerable work has gone into preparing for accreditation and it shows. The practice has good systems in place that can be followed by all team members as evident by the absence of the Practice Manager today. The practice should be commended on their achievements and for meeting all the RACGP 5th standards. Future improvements will be made through adeeper quality improvement planning and adoption of more defined risk management strategies.

Surveyor 2

Overall, this practice was very well prepared for the visit. It has been a pleasure visiting this practice where it is obvious that all staff are devoted to providing a caring environment and a high standard of care for their community. The team have excellent communication and have worked hard to meet the standards. They should be congratulated on their achievements.