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Practice Billing Policy

HMC is a Private Billing practice, each year we review our fees and need to increase to enable our clinic to provide good quality health care to our patients and to keep up with the costs of providing such care.

Fees are recommended; however each General Practitioner will charge the consultation fee that suits the consultation – there are many consultation item numbers applicable to your consultation with your GP and the complexity and or planning involved.

We understand circumstances may change and sometimes you may need to cancel last minute, however a NO SHOW SERVICE FEE of $25, maybe charged if you don't show up for your appointment rather than cancelling.

 To gain more knowledge of why our billing policy is changing, Please Click Here.

All current Pensioners ,Health Care Card holders and children under 16 years will be charged at a reduced rate, approximately $25.00 out of pocket expense. 

*New Fees are 

Consultation Type             

Private fees

Reduced Fees  

Medicare Rebate   

Standards consult (less than 20 minutes)



rebate is $41.20

Complex consult (20 min- 40 mins)



rebate is $79.70

Prolonged consult (more than 40 mins)



rebate is $117.40

* In order to be able to claim the rebate, a patient must hold a current & valid Medicare card.

Alternative payment arrangements can be made for patients suffering genuine financial hardships. If you have any questions regarding charges or payments, your doctor or the practice manager is happy to address your concerns.

* Please note care plans and health assessments will be bulk billed.

*For all Workcover payments, please call our reception desk for more info about billing changes.


Medical Procedures:

A Procedure/Treatment Room Fee will be charged for all medical procedures. (Concession card holders under 75 years of age will be charged at a reduced fee)

Please also be aware ALL medical procedures are charged privately (Concession card holders under 75 years of age charged at a reduced fee)

Please check costing with your Doctor or our Reception Staff prior to any procedure

Fees @ Hurstbridge Medical Centre

  • Skin Checks Out of Pocket = $90.30
  • Iron infusion Out of Pocket = $167.30
  • Dressings starts from = $10.00
  • Holter Monitor = $40.00
  • BP ambulatory 24hrs = $120.00
  • Yellow Fever Vaccine = $120.00

All Skin Biopsy incur an Out of Pocket starts from $153.00 + Treatment fees $65.00.

Implanon services

Insertion of Implanon

  • 1st Visit Out of Pocket = $41.20
  • 2nd visit Out of Pocket = $93.85
  • Removal of Implanon Out of Pocket = $93.45

Removal/insertion Of Implanon Out of Pocket = $137.30

IUD insertion Service

  • 1st Visit Out of Pocket = $47.30
  • 2nd visit Out of Pocket = $97.00

Maternal termination of pregnancy MTOP *(Patient must be less than 9 weeks to use the medication)

  • 1st Visit Out of Pocket = $46.10
  • 2nd visit Out of Pocket = $170.30