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Procedures and wound care

We have a well equipped treatment room staffed with Div 1 nurses where we can provide a range of procedures including emergency repair of lacerations, wedge resections of ingrown toenails, implanon insertions/removals, iron infusions, skin cancer and other skin lesion excisions, cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen), simple fracture management/plastering, incision and drainage, wound management and ear syringing.

Excluding emergencies, you should speak with your GP regarding a particular procedure that may be performed before booking it in. The procedure will be explained in detail, including any potential risks associated, and you will sign a consent form. There are various fees associated with procedures which cover the use of the treatment room, the materials, and the nurse assistance. Your GP will discuss the fees prior to your procedure. The fee structure is also available on our fees page.

Our nurses are knowledgeable and skilled in the management of wounds and can provide advice regarding appropriate dressings. You may purchase dressings from the clinic. Alternatively, you may bring your own dressings to use.