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Mental Health

Many of our GPs are passionate about mental health and skilled in providing management for these common and potentially debilitating issues. We work closely with psychologists and psychiatrists to provide comprehensive and empathetic care. Your GP can provide you with a mental health care plan or an eating disorder care plan where appropriate to facilitate access to psychological care.

According to Beyond Blue, one in seven Australians will experience depression in their lifetime and one quarter will experience an anxiety condition in their lifetime. These statistics can be even higher in certain populations, for example Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander people. Your GP will assess your symptoms including their severity, arrange any further investigations that may be required, determine a management plan with you incorporating your goals and evidence based treatments, and monitor your response. Your treatment plan may include referral to a psychologist under an appropriate mental health plan, referral to a psychiatrist, referral to a day program or group sessions, referral to drug and alcohol counsellor, referral to a public mental health unit or referral to a crisis assessment team. Your GP will provide education and support, will monitor your mental state and physical health, and will advocate on your behalf.

If you believe you need a mental health care plan/consultation, it is helpful to book a longer appointment to allow time to accurately assess the issues. If you feel the matter is urgent, please ask reception to put you through to one of our nurses to discuss. If it is outside of consulting hours, please call lifeline or 000.